New Course for the Parr

Using our Welsh Government and Natural Resources Wales SAF Programme funding, the Trust has completed long-awaited improvements to the Llantrisant Golf Club Weir on the River Ely.

Putting solid oak baffles (a green solution) into the channel, the Trust has been able to slow the flow of water through one arch of the old railway bridge, providing resting places for fish as they ascend, and enabling them to follow their natural instincts to drive a fairway up the river and migrate to their spawning grounds in the Ely and its tributaries such as the Nant Muchudd.

Working with our contractors over a two-day period, a log-jam building up on the bridge, was removed before work commenced on the baffle installation.

Improving access to over 8km of river system will provide the fish with a greater choice of resting, feeding and spawning habitats, vitally important as we try to address the impacts of climate change.

New oak baffles improving flow conditions for migrating fish.